Friday December 16th


The Storey Auditorium

Doors Open 7pm - Open Mic 7.30 - 8pm

Admission £5 / £3(conc.)

The Line-Up


John Martin - Poetry 

I never expected to get to 70. I went through the poems I had written over more than 50 years and had them printed. Nowadays publishing is easy and cheap; getting the books out is more difficult. I am not interested in them as a commodity, I just want them off my hands, so I can start again, free of the past and its bewildering preoccupations. I have stopped being the old me (the young man) and am now the new me (the old man). It is like being naked. I feel I am just beginning. It is frightening and uncomfortable. But I have done it before. 70 is the new 17 - so poetry really is magic then!


Rowland Crowland - Poetry 


Rowland took 2nd Prize in Spotlight's Open Mic Slam last month. A recent reviewer says of
 him: 'Rowland's poetry is weird! It's full of black humour, spirituality, mundanity, ordinary people, extraordinary people, chip shops, factories, madness, witches, ghosts, shamanic goings on, all sorts of jiggery-pokery. It's uplifting but at the same time unnerving and delivered with an unusual passion. Yeh, weird! I think I like it.'



Sam Arthur - Prose

'I have written a blog for the last 7 years where I write about subjects that I like ranging from TV, Books, Games, Films and Godzilla. I have had a monologue made into a short film and was an Alumni Runner-up in the Eclipse Competition which was run by the University of Central Lancashire. I am also currently a newsletter writer for the Lancashire Special Constabulary. I like to write fiction and non-fiction with particular interests in Science Fiction and Young Adult Fiction.'

Blog: (



Lucy Smith - Prose  

I'm from Lancaster, but currently in my third year of English with Creative Writing at Queen's University Belfast. I've written short stories since I can remember, passing the time when I was little at the desk in my mum's office! In Belfast I volunteer with Fighting Words as part of a group running creative writing workshops for children, which is lots of fun but tiring too! I've entered a few competitions, and came third in the Sixth Form Lancaster University National Writing Award in Prose Fiction. I love trying to write minimally, creating something which is important but said with very few words.






Carole McMillan 

Carole McMillan is a local Musician/Vocalist who performs a wide variety of songs from original compositions to covers. She is a late bloomer having only commenced her musical journey in November 2012. Inspired by local blues musicians to join in a regular blues jam, learning to play an instrument became her goal. She was a founder member of the Sue Parish Ukulele Group. During her tenure with the group, she learnt basic techniques for playing the ukulele and developed her vocal ability. She has been performing solo at open mic events since November 2013, and has performed at various festivals since May 2014. She is often accompanied by local musicians playing Bass, Harmonica, Cajon and Drums. Carole has many styles in her repertoire, including R & B/Soul, Pop, Jazz and Blues. Thanks to a unique voice, classic musical arrangements, poignant lyrics and great melodic hooks Carole delivers songs that are hard to ignore.

The Low Countries 

Nigel Parrington & Els D'hooge formed the Low Countries in 2007 and they've released 8 or so albums and other sundry songs, often to immense (is that the right word?) critical acclaim - BBC6 Music airplay, BBC Radio sessions, great reviews.

Nigel's songs have been played on BBC Radio 6, BBC Radio 1, BBC Radio Lancashire, Folk Radio UK, Dandelion Radio, Studio Brussels, Radio Centraal and many others.

'indie-folk at its best...' Folk Radio UK

'They make literate, clever music that makes Belle and Sebastian

look like a bunch of thugs' Popshifter

'this is indie-folk music from the heart and I say give it a go'

Johnno Casson, Fresh On The Net



Compere: Rich Davenport